Kaos India - Stay
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About us

Kaos India, is that a commonplace? A cliché? Hippie? Maybe, but it sounds good, don’t you think? All flows converge into a chaos, terrible, beautiful, sometimes devastating chaos. Why India? The right question should be: “Why not?”

Kaos India were formed in Modena in 2011, bringing together four long time live musicians of the Emilia Romagna scene.

Each of them comes from a different musical background: different artistic paths that enable them to merge stylistic diversities into new sound flows, while at the same time preserving originality in the creative process. Their music comes out from the continuous artistic contamination between the four members, and from the sharing of life experiences as band members and as friends. The main aim of their music is to convey this fusion of heart and spirit. During the composition stage, a great deal of attention is paid to the creation of peculiar atmospheres, capable of evoking sensorial states and emotions to be freely interpreted by listeners.

Kaos indiA are:

  • Mattia Camurri: Vocals & Guitar
  • Francesco Sireno: Guitar
  • Vincenzo Moreo: Bass
  • Joe Schiaffi: Drums